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Just a few rules to help out with character creation and gameplay:

-The feats Squire and Leadership are not allowed. I manage all NPCs and this will create too many to deal with. They will also become unnecessary at later stages.

-No evil alignments.

-All characters start with 200gp to spend on starting equipment, which is found in the Pathfinder Core, Ultimate Combat, and Adventurer’s Armory.

-Characters will start at Level 1. Attributes are determined though a 25-point buy system.

-Factions and regions are not used for this campaign. As such, traits from both categories are prohibited.

-I will make ranged characters roll for miss chance. Keep this in mind when making a ranged character. FRIENDLY FIRE IS ON.

-Statistics will vary depending on the weapon and/or projectile used, as well as altitude and movement. Depending on the materials used for projectiles, I may create additional bonuses or effects.

-Early firearms are legal, though modern ones are not. The Amateur Gunslinger and Amateur Grit feats are also prohibited. To express the historical inaccuracy of blackpowder weapons, using one will incur a -4 penalty to attack, resolved against tough AC. Miss chance still applies.

-Content can be selected from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Advanced Race Guide, Adventurer’s Armor, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Blood of Fiends, Blood of Angels, Inner Sea Primer, Pirates Inner Sea Guide, People of the North, Champions of Purity, and Faiths of Purity. As GM I will have final say regarding permitted content.

-No arguing with the GM. Suggestions will be accounted for, within reason, but not necessarily included. This is absolute.

If anyone has any questions regarding information listed (or not listed) here, feel free to contact me.


Main Page

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